Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Crom Alternative Currency

How Is Crom System Fair, Stable And Sustainable?

Crom Alternative Currency is not “debt-money" that belongs to some private legal fiction at the moment of its issue, Crom Alternative Value belongs to the whole Crom Community as “money-property” at the moment when it is created. Since bearer’s property is in circulation, Crom Ethical Money is both collective and individual good. Through Currency Exchange everyone can obtain alternative currency, and via Crom Interest Free Loans everyone has an equal access to money.

Crom Alternative Currency System is sovereign worth appraisal and exchange system backed by real values that circulate within the system, and it functions in a way that a total financial balance of the system is never amount lower than zero. In modern global monetary system all money is issued as a debt. Due to interests that are bearing that debt, total balance of the aforementioned monetary system is negative right from the start because total debt is always bigger that issued debt, which makes it impossible to repay the debt. In that way, the owner of monopolized money issuing and distribution system inevitably becomes also the owner of all real property of the users. Money that is issued via Crom Currency Exchange within Crom Alternative Currency System represents mathematical plus, and money issued in a form of Crom Interest-Free Loan represents mathematical zero – since there are no interests, by returning borrowed money the debt vanishes from the circulation and property for which the loan was taken stays in the hands of participant.

Interest that are bearing all national currencies issued in a form of debt are the hidden cause of existence and unavoidable constant increase of taxes inflation and indebtedness. By eliminating interests, in Crom Alternative Currency System their is no fertile ground for birthing of financial alchemy trough which a transfer of real wealth from hands of working people to the hands of elite few is performed in a mystical way like in traditional money system. In addition, neither so-called fractional reserve nor so-called financial leverage is practised within Crom System.

Interest that are bearing all national currencies issued in a form of debt are the hidden cause of existence and unavoidable constant increase of taxes inflation and indebtedness. By eliminating interests, in Crom Alternative Currency System their is no fertile ground for birthing of financial alchemy trough which in a mystical way a transfer of real wealth from hands of working people to the hands of elite few is performed in traditional money system. In addition, neither so-called fractional reserve nor so-called financial leverage is practiced in Crom.

Prerequisites For Stability Of Crom Alternative Currency System Are Following:

1) Value of Crom Alternative Currency is expressed in real terms, rather than in financial terms. Crom Alternative Value represents a combination of fixed quantity of 5 precious metals, and not a value of these 5 precious metals expressed in some national or any other currency. Integration rate of precious metals in Crom Alternative Currency is 20% gold, 20% silver, 20% platinum, 20% palladium and 20% rhodium. In practice, it means that regardless of changes of fictive financial values of US dollar or euro, or any other currency, rate and quantity of precious metals in 1 crom is always the same. In other words, variable exchange rate between Crom Alternative Currency and dollar or euro is a result of monetary phenomenon that, unlike dollar or euro, has no impact on the crom. Although US dollar and euro are a kind of money without any material coverage, these currencies become real value when exchanged into crom – namely, Crom Alternative Exchange Association, a body that administers the work of this worth appraisal and exchange system that belongs to all community members equally as indivisible unit, is in search for a partner with whom it will establish cooperation in a way that precious metals mentioned in definition of Crom Alternative Currency will be bought with exchanged US dollars and euros.

2) As many other things, money is also subject to laws of offer and demand. Only sustainable economic system is the one that is aligned with resource limitations; in other words, any quantity of money in circulation that is not compatible with the quantity of all goods, products and services within that circle - is a spark of the speculation and currency instability conflagration. The total supply of money in circulation in the Crom Alternative Currency System is regulated via both tools that are used to issue Crom Ethical Money, in a way that eliminates the danger of inflation or deflation. In Currency Exchange, dollars and euros are changeable to Crom Alternative Currency only as long as there is a possibility to buy precious metals for them. Crom Interest Free Loan is granted only on a basis of existing or future values of real character that are offered as collateral for the loan.

With the money issuing and distribution system set in this way, with 100% currency coverage, all requirements for stability and sustainability from year to year of Crom Alternative Currency System have been met.

Unlike the official international monetary and financial system, designed by a small circle of financial moguls as a mechanism for creating personal gain at expense of others, a mechanism that is kept alive by taking seigniorage on all issued money in amount of 100% + interest; Crom Worth Appraisal and Exchange System as fair business is maintained by charging services such as cost of account keeping, member verification, costs of granting loans, and with donations and business activities of Crom Alternative Exchange Association outside the frame of monetary system.  

Most importantly, Crom – Worth Appraisal and Exchange System in political sense represents maximally fair solution: Based on a principle of "Free Currency - Free Markets - Free People - Free Planet", a problem of centralized money has been approached to in a unique way – different from all other existing alternatives. People, companies and organizations within the system are free to do business and trade with anything they want, using any means of exchange that represent best sort of money to them - prices can be expressed in time, crom, oil, dollar, electricity, gold, copper, lead or vine and such. There are countless possibilities, including various combinations of different percentages of any medium of exchange.

Why Crom Alternative Currency?

Because Crom Alternative Value is an incubator of ideas about a better world, sustainability and greater self-sufficiency.
Through increased employment and local self-sufficiency, production and consumption of sustainable products and services, and encouragement of future social interactions - everyone benefits from participating in this worldwide network of alternative local cooperative economies, independent of national monetary policies and their financial difficulties.

The main aspect of our modern world is that money is global and it travels fast.
Most of alternative types of money and complementary currencies in the world are the local currencies, and local currencies are limited for use only in a particular area and as such are not suitable for building large-scale alternative economy. Crom Alternative Currency is available for use wherever you are, whether it is Europe or Africa, America or Asia.

Is Crom Alternative Currency Real Money? What Is 1 Crom Worth?

Is not every product or service the result of energy and skill that we all invest in our work by spending some of our specific time? Mankind has totally neglected the undeniable economic fact that the true value of money does not derive from the numbers printed on it, but from the effort which lies behind all those things that can be purchased with that money. We believe that money is a measuring instrument for recognized values of goods, services and products in given economy. In everyday life of a common man, crom represents his purchasing power on the market, but, since nothing is perfect, especially business, crom is an instrument based on a principle “clear agreements - good friends" that has a precisely established quality in which all impieties of financial obligations are convertible.

For a reason that it is used as a tool for making trade, sale and traffic of goods easier between two parties, Crom Alternative Currency functions as a medium of exchange. Since values of things are appraised and compared by it, Crom Alternative Currency functions as a unit of account with strictly defined characteristics. Since by definition the value of crom is measurable - real and fixed material quantity, rather than immeasurable and variable fictive financial amount, Crom Alternative Currency functions also as a store of value.  

1 Crom = Gold 0.0001634 ozt + Silver 0.01 ozt + Platinum 0.00012462 ozt + Palladium 0.00038096 ozt + Rhodium 0.000085 ozt

For anyone who accepts it, yes, Crom Alternative Currency is real money, just like euro or US dollar. There are few, but strict, rules to be followed. It is known who the owner of the currency is when it is created, it is known who owns it in circulation, it is known how the currency enters into circulation and how money supply is regulated. Also, it is known what this monetary system is intended to serve: To allow freedom of the broader population based on monetary sovereignty and financial independence as an essential condition for the development of any kind of democratic civil society.

Who and How Can Activate Account in Worth Appraisal And Exchange System?

Citizens, private owners, pensioners, businesses, public institutions, associations, public and private organizations, virtual communities... to all those who accept the terms and conditions of use, account with initial balance of + 10 Croms is automatically activated by the registration into the Crom Alternative Currency System.

How Much Does All This Cost?

Enrollment in the Crom Alternative Currency System is free of cost.
Regardless of the number of operations performed on the account which allows all functions of the traditional bank account - sending money, receiving money and changing money, a single fixed price for unlimited use is 5 crom per month.

The price of the member verification is: "Company" 50 euro, "Virtual Community" and "Organization" 30 euros, "Man" 10 euros.

How Does Crom Alternative Currency System Function?

Money has to be transparent, simple and functional. Looking at the whole picture, besides the crucial differences when compared to the official global monetary-financial system, the difference being that it is not manipulated, that every crom created in existence corresponds to equivalent quantity of products and services, and that via different way of issuing and distribution of money the community does not serve the system, but other way around, both on individual and collective level. Everything else is very similar to the everyday use of US dollars or euros, even via mobile phones.

Who does not have enough money, borrows the money under certain conditions, without paying interest. Croms can be accepted from other members, they have to be earned, or they can be obtained by exchanging dollars or euros in crom currency.

Moreover, in this system of alternative currency, crom is not the only and compulsory medium of exchange - everyone is free to choose one that fits them best, including barter, or a combination of different percentages of various means of exchange in the a price. All in all, mechanism is oriented towards the development of cooperative rather than competitive economy.

I Have Croms, What Can I Do With Them?

Spend them or save them.
Croms are money which you can use to buy everything that is available on the Crom Marketplace.
Naturally, the more crom money you try to spend in places they never heard of it, product offer on Crom Marketplace will raise more: Electronics, food, insurance, jewelry, fuel, accommodation, accounting etc.

If you momentarily do not need anything, keep it, you can always use crom money later.

How Much Can I Save On Costs?

In the worth appraisal and exchange system, advertisements and marketing through them are free of cost, and there are no fees for transactions. If Crom Alternative Currency is used in business as a medium of exchange, out of all possible choices, then the tax savings are significant and can reach even 100%.

How Much Can I Increase Sales?

The number of members of this community is constantly growing. Other members are motivated to buy from you. In addition, there is a strong probability that clients, with whom you have been doing business in the usual traditional way, will increase the volume of their orders by using the advantages of this alternative economic model.

What Products And Services Do I Have To Offer?

Any. You choose what and how much of it you wish to offer.

Who Pays Delivery Costs?

Delivery is a matter of personal agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Do I Have To Issue Receipts For Sales Made In Crom Alternative Currency?

In general, no. In Crom Alternative Currency System, each transaction is indelible, has its own unique number, and is always available to both the buyer and the seller. However, if the buyer asks you a receipt, you are obliged to print the transaction and on the request put the signature and/or seal.

How Many New Members Does A Broker Have To Register Per Month?

The work of a broker is stimulated through commission for each newly registered participant. As more new members he associate to this worth appraisal and exchange system, and the more active his members are in the business sense, the higher is his gain.

A broker is a manager of the local group on the forum. As the communications between him and his members along with the new content and information that he publishes regularly on the forum in his group - enriches the overall value of these web pages, the minimum number of members that broker must register each month is not specified.

Payment Of Annual Dividend - To Whom, When And How Much?

To whom - to all participants in the system except non verified members.
When - in January of each year.
How much - all that remains after the operating and development costs of this project are subtracted.

Do I Have To Pay Tax To The State On Exchanges Made In Crom Alternative Currency?

When you buy and sell through the so-called "national" currencies behind which in reality stands a private institution, you are using something which is rented to you with interest. Money which in the traditional monetary and financial system is collected through taxes, does not serve to raise the overall quality of life and enjoyment of the fruits of your own labor, but for the payment of debt interests to the true owner of that what you keep in your wallet.

Taxes can seem like a delicate question, but in the Crom Alternative Currency System is solved simply in just two words - no taxes. When you use the Crom Alternative Currency as a medium of exchange, you are using something that no one, no country or institution in the world has the right to interfere with. Even in the smallest part of it, Crom Alternative Currency System is not owned by anyone other than the members of this community who have agreed terms and conditions of use; and on the subject of official recognition of the existence of the Crom Alternative Currency or collection of taxes, no signed contract, signed with anyone, exists. The exception represents communities regularly registered in the Crom Alternative Currency System which condition the enrollment of its members within this system to the payment of taxes or something similar.

Collecting taxes would look like as if you, with your own hands, have made a flying solar powered automobile and someone still forces you every morning to buy the fuel at the petrol station, or to pay him pavage or solar energy; or even worse - all three things altogether.

In any case, the issue of paying taxes or not is a matter of personal choice. Whoever wants to pay taxes, even though no valid reason for paying them exists, can pay the taxes to the state in the currency of his choice. Of course, until the Crom Alternative Currency does not appear in a paper form, the state can receive that tax only if the state is a member of Crom Alternative Currency System.

If the choice is, however, to still pay taxes, then the sales done within the Crom Alternative Currency System are treated from the fiscal point of view the same way as sales in euros or in US dollars. Your account in the Crom Alternative Currency has the same characteristics as a normal bank account, so the statements can be easily integrated in accounting books of your company. The account will be run as an extra bank account in the financial balance sheet of your company. Depending on the choice and circumstances, the crom can be directly expressed as crom currency or easily converted into any other currency using the established value ratio with euro or dollar.

Different discounts to customers can also be used as an effective solution for business through this alternative worth appraisal and exchange system. For example, a coupon for a discount you can call the Alternative Currency Crom - its percentage of your choice can be as high as 100%. This way, the buying and selling can be done in alternative currency without any problem and according to law.

Each Idea Can Be Copied, What Is Crom’s Defence?

No company accidentally becomes the best in the world, and as such can not survive for long if it is unable to cope with new challenges day after day. Worth appraisal and exchange system developed by Crom Alternative Exchange Association is an "open source" nature program that has no need for patent protection. The more our culture is copied and communicated, together with our free spirit, life style, intuition, imagination, ingenuity and awareness that social position is not ensured inheritance but something that is to be deserved day after day; the more world will become honest, better and colorful with various skills and abilities related to free individuality of personality within cooperative community.

Is A Long-Term Membership Mandatory?

No, participants in the Crom Alternative Currency System can easily terminate their membership whenever they want, but they are obliged to bring to zero the positive balance of their account within 100 days from the date of application for the termination of membership, and a negative balance within 45 days.



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