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The Earth and humanity are obviously in need of change. If we want to transform a sad end into a happy beginning, we have to work on monetary reform; ignoring problems and doing nothing to change money is a guarantee for failure.

An ordinary man must ask himself how much is the use of the financial leverage of unbelievable proportions and riding on the fractional reserve of unseen minimums, through which, during the biggest financial crisis in the history of mankind, in the second half of the first decade of the 21st century, new astronomical amounts of debt-money were created out of nothing with one click of a computer mouse - compatible with the introduction of legal ban on use of cash money under the excuse of combating financial terrorism, and propaganda that paper money and coins leads to poverty and unemployment.

In this social network in which through solutions and contents we're trying to improve life standard; in this business that has always gravitated towards bigger diversification of activities; in this place where we all share not just personal, but some common goals as well; the golden rule is maximal correctness and respectful relationship. Eco-friendly innovation that we are talking about here, is a dynamic and flexible structure that offers possibilities of abandoning rigid schemes from the past that are no longer able to cope with the variable needs of modern market. Crom is a rock'n'roll that Crom Alternative Exchange Association will deliver wherever there are those eager for good music and positive vibrations.

Within Crom Worth Appraisal and Exchange System, as a possible choice of means of payment - the universal one - circulates Crom Alternative Currency. Transition Cheques represent a step forward in intention to bring Crom Alternative Currency into existence not only in form of digital currency - used solely by members duly registered in Crom Alternative Currency System - but also as a paper banknote via which payments can be made by anyone, regardless of whether someone is a member of the system or not.

As an alternative to bank cards and implanted microchips which will follow soon in the ever closer cashless society, for all payments out of home or office, on the street, at the green markets and the like, Crom Alternative Currency System provides Crom Mobile Transactions - payments via mobile phone.
Although the Transition Cheque is not cash money and it can still be used only by the registered participants, the possibilities of its application on the road to a future of prosperity, well-being and abundance, are really wide. For example, within the context of a local community, it may mark the beginning of a new tradition in the family in relation to other people - many entrepreneurs and merchants are not accustomed to the use of technological wonders, or are abhorred by them.

In communities where there are several problems with the usage of modern technology, people can choose from among them one who will manage the register of Transition Cheques, and, for example, once a week import it into Crom Alternative Currency System. In similar cases, one can also contact Crom Broker in his area.

The recipient of Transition Cheque can send an "Invoice" to a counterpart as a request for payment of delivered goods, products or services - and as the date of payment fill in the ultimate time limit defined by agreement, i.e. by signed check.

As a tool for the formation of supply chains, the Transition Cheque may play an important role in building a new, stable and sustainable economic model. Let's just try to think about the world of alternative medicine, volunteers, unemployed workers, intellectual capital, material and other types of resources that for various reasons, especially in times of crisis - crisis are the main characteristic of our civilization - are excluded from circulation in the traditional financial system as unusable, unsalable and unemployable.

Anyone can print Transition Cheques as many as he needs, but these can only pay what allows the balance of his account in Crom Alternative Currency System. Therefore, it is advisable to divide desires into small amounts.

Transition cheques

Transition Cheque - Version For Printing - Click Here!

Fill in the requested data and treat the Transition Cheque seriously like any other bank check or guarantee of payment.
Information under the arrow which symbolizes the direction "From - To" is related to recipient of the Transition Cheque, all other information is provided by the payer.
As a "Member Name", enter the unique username under which the signer of the Transition Cheque is registered in the worth appraisal and exchange system.
In the "Ultimate time limit for payment through Crom Alternative Currency System" space, write the date by which the payer promises to pay in full, via electronic transaction, his financial obligation to the counterparty with whom he has entered into a contract through this cheque.

The general rule is not to write Transition Cheque for an amount in croms with which you will not dispose in the agreed time of payment.



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